Savings Plan

Swiss Gold & Silver Saver Programs

Welcome to one of the most valuable services provided to our Members. Through these programs, you can accumulate precious metals with a monthly payment as low as $25 or as high as you wish.

You set the amount, and the date each month. (These can be changed at any time). Each month, when your payment is processed you are allocated the amount of gold or silver available for that sum, minus 2.97% that we charge for processing. The exact pricing is based on the next London Fixing after your payment date.

In addition to your automatic monthly savings, you can choose to make individual purchases of grams of gold or silver at any time.


Converting Your Grams to Bullion Bars or Collectibles

If you wish, you can convert your accumulated grams to bullion bars or collectibles. Select your product(s) from the Swiss Gold & Silver Saver Catalog. Remember there are always production costs incurred when you purchase gold products. The production cost for each product is shown in the catalog. Once you have made your choice, you make the production payment, using your hyperWALLET account. You then tell us where to ship your product either to your address, or for storage in Via Mat.

Vaulting in Switzerland

You may choose to have your products shipped from the refiner to Via Mat, our vaulting company. Via Mat is Switzerland’s most respected precious metals storage and transportation companies, registered with the London Bullion Market Association chain of integrity. There is NO charge to Members for vaulting of products with Via Mat.

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