Why Did Silver & Gold Collapse? Mike Maloney and Chris Martenson

Posted by on Sep 19, 2013 in Knowledge Center | 50 comments

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In a review of the reasons the gold and silver prices collapsed, Mike Maloney spoke with Chris Martenson of Peak Prosperity.

Dr. Martenson is a scientist at his core. His Ph.D. is from Duke University, and his MBA in Finance was earned at Cornell. For Dr. Martenson, reaching conclusions simply results from the data, and when it comes to gold and silver, the data is shocking.

From the 4,500 tons of missing gold Eric Sprott pointed to in U.S. export figures, to the 300-ton German gold repatriation, the questions of who benefitted from the plummeting prices and how are all answered in this blockbuster video.

Learn how unsophisticated investors got “fleeced,” and how this price event and media blitz may go down as one of “the cruelest jokes ever played on the people who get scared away from gold and silver at this moment in history, given where we are.”

This is the first time in history in which currencies around the globe are failing simultaneously, as more and more currency is printed, and confidence in this mathematically untenable system under which debt is “money” collapses.

As gold and silver’s true values are realized, in the market or by revaluation, we will witness the greatest transfer of wealth ever seen in human history. Episode One of Hidden Secrets of Money, our free series, expands on the big picture view—the cycle of behavior across history revealed as it progresses toward the ultimate resolution.

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  1. Gold does have intrinsic value. It is a commodity that has a value separate from the money system. If the market collapses tomorrow, gold will still be valuable. Your dollars won’t be though. Paper isn’t worth shit.

  2. if gold goes as low as 1100, by when do u think that might be?

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  4. Never buy gold unless you are willing to hold it for at least 30 years. The current price, right now, of 1400 USD/ oz is too high. At least, wait for 1100.

  5. yeah. alright. when you do penny stock trading get good suggestions from professionals is the wise idea. its not a joke, These professionals are being with us always to guide us to choose and trade in proper way. have a try now here -> bit.ly/1ehDqKd?=fjhogb

  6. yeah. alright. when you do penny stock trading get good suggestions from professionals is the wise idea. its not a joke, These professionals are being with us always to guide us to choose and trade in proper way. have a try now here -> bit.ly/1ehDqKd?=fjhogb

  7. ATM Home Earner… have you ever used it? Just google it. It’s HUGE right now, and its making people a lot of money.

  8. ATM Home Earner… have you ever used it? Just google it. It’s HUGE right now, and its making people a lot of money.

  9. ATM Home Earner… have you ever used it? Just google it. It’s HUGE right now, and its making people a lot of money.

  10. silver didnt collapse. It simply came back to its reasonable price. Silver to hit $5 bucks soon !

  11. Let’s face it. The youth today rather own virtual Gold, virtual Silver, Virtual money, etc…

    The youth today say they know it all.

  12. Excellent glad you get it. Please share the video. Thanks.

  13. This is the third or fourth time I’m watching this video, and it finally makes sense to me! Thanks Mike and Team

  14. I was replying to someone who said “You are running after a Fata Morgana if you think gold has any real intrinsic value”. My point is that silver is actually money. I know it would be foolish to spend $30 on a 1 oz .9999 silver Canadian Maple and spend it for it’s $5 currency value, but it’s still used as money and that was my point. However, imagine buying a lot of those coins when silver was at $5 per oz. Spending $5 per oz for a $5 face value silver coin is amazing

  15. I know that there are values minted onto the coins (also in Europe) but the nominal amount is much lower than the value for silver. That’s why it would be foolish to pay with a European silver coin here, e.g. 1oz. would only be 1,50€ for Vienna Philharmonics which is about 2 US-$.

  16. Humans going to regret playing this game. The leaders and followers. That the greatest hardest time is reserve to those who won’t wake up is a illusion fatal

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  18. Die Geschichte ist schon etwas merkwürdig, aber trotzdem soll man sein Handeln in Gold nicht an solchen Geschichten orientieren.

  19. We’re not missing 45 tons . It’s only 44 tons ! Please , do your research before making such outlandish statements !

  20. Warum geben die Amis dann nicht unser Gold raus ? Sie haben es verkauft und wollen uns mit Lügen abspeisen ….Die Amerikaner sind die übelsten Verbrecher seid Rom !

  21. I’m Canadian, and the Canadian bullion coins are recognized as legal tender here

  22. The sell off is to panic the small people , so that the big people can buy up cheap gold and then the big people will control & own more gold . Same with stocks& shares the big people say when to sell , then the little people follow , then the big people buy and the little people follow .The 5 at the top are creaming in billions from the little people .

  23. In 2008 gold fell from $1032 to $ 680 a fall of 34% and then went up 280% to $1921

    During the 2011 to 2013 correction it has fallen from $1920 to $1180 a fall of 38% , so there is nothing out of place here its well within the normal parameters of a long term bull market. Don’t be at all surprised for it to go up another 280% and make a new high up around $3000 plus.

    Its just simple math and as such is beyond the grasp of economists and central bankers.

  24. I don’t understand the part where you assume the gold bullion been leased several times. How could you assume this? Maybe the bullion bank simply sold it to retail and so theres only 1 claim on it

  25. how is it that price fell?! Germany want its gold back, they cant have it soon which should increase the price cuz its now more valuable and there is a risk that the country will not be able to get it back in full. The other thing i like to comment, it is very lame that once your analysis fail you immediatly explain it by saying “price manupilation” its like falling a test and saying the others passed cuz they cheated! thatrs not always true !!

  26. Long term it should do well.  Hope you didn’t put all of your portfolio in the metals, but a percentage is good.

  27. Im selling some on Friday when the market closes.

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    ” Accept this cross, with love and dignity, as you are greatly pleasing to my Son when you carry His burden. Through your sacrifice and suffering, He will redeem the most unworthy of souls and then He will be able to unite all of God’s children. Your beloved Mother
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  29. Yes, even Gods word says that Gold & Silver will be worthless. Having said that, even prior the days of King David until present day, G&S has always been used as a basis of value no matter what the state of the economy. In addition many wars, ancient and present have fought over G&S. Do a history search over where the majority of gold stocks are being held during war times. Countries who start wars usually are the ones who are holding majority of gold stocks. USA & England

  30. I am looking at the metals and thinkin this may just be wave i of the c-wave of larger 4 . . and if markets are now alligning with metals, then c-wave tops at the same time as a wave (5) in market . . . which means wave (4) likely ends around the time that wave ii ends in the c-wave of 4 in metals.. Just an idea.

  31. Joelotto, I saw the video. Koen, its worth watching but Schiff is a FA kinda guy, and will not tell you how to play fibonacci pinball. This is something good for Bag who calls for ADN and doesn’t trade. Maybe he should employ SPAM to give up roofing and have him post his charts for Schiff so his followers could better time their entries for gold and silver.

  32. Should we breach 1308 in this short term, I think that the short term top is in, and we are going to have an impulse wave down. My bullish count for the 1350 to hit is based on the charts of the GDX that shows that we are in a C wave, and we have not passed 30 dollars in GDX. If it does and Unreal is right, Larry, I beg you to post your chart for GDX DUST NUGT charts for the bearish count. Shift4, your C wave chart chart for GDX is not clear enough and you need to update more. Handyman help

  33. And unfortunately, Peter Schiff is a fundamental analyst kinda guy. I doubt many of his followers will know to get out of precious metals at the end of wave C up and to short the fifth wave down. Unless you wish to hold on like Bag, and hold on as a position trader, feeling that gold will go up All Day North, I would suggest looking at Handyman’s GDX chart which is showing as a leading diagnal if we see GDX pull back below mid 26.

  34. Where can i buy gold, i know the US dollar will collapse soon and i want to get my hands on real gold, not stocks, not jewelry that is sold at 2-3 times more then what its worth?

  35. Do these guys say,,GREED IS GOOD, it’s Americon.

  36. Howdy Fellow Sheep,

    You know I think about this stuff all the time, because they tell me too by putting it on TV. I mean – they lie about everything except for what they don’t tell us on the News…
    then they just fail to mention the most important part, or they blame a terrorist they claim to have killed at least 7 times over the past 6/7 years… I think Gold / Silver / US toilet paper FDR notes. well – I don’t think you can buy your way out of whats coming.

  37. Mr. Schiff is a damn good sales man. But because he has to stay with his doom and gloom sales pitch, reality lets him look more and my likethe fool he really is! Expect gold to collapse ones the EURO crisis is solved (one way or the other) The only thing that keeps gold up is the fear and uncertainty in the Euro area!

  38. I don’t think there are taking tapering off the table…

  39. You can still get around $1300 on Gold.

    Sell now & if you are still intent on owning some buy back a little around $500-$600.

  40. People been buying silver for a long time since copper and gold have skyrocketed… Silver has always been a bastard stepchild of precious metals.

  41. ytd, GLD has handily outperformed AAPL shares

    AAPL can’t even outperform a dumb piece of metal !!

  42. Yeah uh-huh. And you’ll be first in line to turn over your fillings.

  43. Pffftt, is that all you got ? Well why don’t you lay out your master investment plan. Tell me your strategy for building wealth and if you say Bitcoin I’m gonna slap your mamma.

  44. yes mam. most of the people are losing their money in penny stocks without much guidance. be mature and do this, These professionals are being with us always to guide us to choose and  trade in proper way. have a try now here ==> bit.ly/13NVymp?=wlgzdp

  45. or buy gold at 1900 and sell it for 1200…cause it’s going lower

  46. Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs will have their political appointees in congress and senate pass gold silver confiscation legislation.Washington will call it (restructuring economic emergency act). Holders of gold and silver will be called hoarders by the press and face criminal charges if they do not turn it in. After the gold and silver is illegally legislated away from the public it will be re absorbed into the coffers of Goldman Sachs , J.P.Morgan other large institutions and selected rich.

  47. Well you can always put your Money into Enron or Morgan Stanley or Lehman Bro’s or Bear Stearns or MF Global.

    Open a savings account with Bank Of Cyprus ???

    I bet you bought AAPL at $700 and thought it was a deal.

  48. isn’t it true that if you are “buying” gold or silver that you are investing the market and not really physical gold or silver? That means it’s all on paper and if there a total collapse you would still lose everything even if u “owned” millions in gold.

  49. Peter…1900 to 1200 is not a pull back…that is having your ass handed to you.

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