Silver & Gold – MUST WATCH – Smoking Comex Gun – Mike Maloney & Grant Williams

Posted by on Sep 19, 2013 in Knowledge Center | 25 comments

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For those wondering what the recent drawdown in COMEX and GLD stocks mean – please watch this video recorded in the boardroom moments ago. Grant Williams of Vulpes Asset Management joins CEO Michael Maloney to connect the dots on what may be some of the most important events of the last few years.

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  1. Watch “Bitcoin is gold on steroids”

  2. Mike looks a lot like Chris Hanen from Dateline NBC!

  3. Mike did you buy more in early August? Have you ever sold any metal for profits, or are you awaiting certain fundamentals to play out before you even consider selling? Do you hedge your physical with short positions?

  4. Thank you. All we ask is that you share the videos with those who you think can benefit from them.

  5. Hey Mike, I’m new to buying metals, and also new to understanding financial/monetary policy. You do a wonderful job of explaining things in ways that are easy to understand.

  6. Convert your paychecks, cash, bank accounts into physical commodities to be physically delivered to your physical address. Purchase shares of stock directly from the physical addresses of primary gold and silver mining companies and from physical commodities producing companies physically delivering your purchased physical commodities to your physical address. Agriculture and mining and vertically manufacturing self-contained local industries for local markets will be safer.

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  8. infrastructure not infrastructor.

  9. A common misconception is that those who stack gold and silver are doing this exclusively and not accumulating skills (such as gardening) and non perishable food, potable water, and open pollenated seeds. For a forum where stackers are also passionately discussing building communities and infrastructor in a post dollar collapse, do an internet search for “Silver Group dot org”. Registration is free.

  10. No plans at the moment, but would love to go back soon.

  11. Mike, when are you coming to Australia again?

  12. this how much silver is now 15 dollars ?

  13. Silver 15dollar and gold 900 my prediction, if it went higher, thats fine, i got plenty of those.

  14. Watch my video’s please. I think you are like Tom Brady only Im not a football head anymore.

  15. I made 2 grand profit in ONE day last week as I slept!
    I have investen in, among other things, physical Silver – best investment in the world today.
    Mike Maloney is brilliant, and following his easy and excellent advice is ismple and takes only a little patience. I bought as much physical Silver as I could over the last few months with the big price drop – UP 28% in 7 weeks!!!
    Silver is massively undervalued today…it will go way over 100 and probably in 1-2 years.
    Buy physical silver now

  16. These are all carcass feeders. When reality bites, PMs will not see you through, but uniting with others who have guns and food to fend off starving cannibals.

  17. I didn’t know this video was up. I subscribe to Mike’s videos and enjoy them very much. I wouldn’t of found this video had RAWDOG not been bashing Mike Maloney. :)

  18. What you’re telling me is when Central Bank want their gold, it causes the price to drop. If that the case, if more Central Banks want their gold, then it will cause the gold price to drop even further, not higher. This is total opposite of what some gold bugs been saying that when Central Banks want their gold, it will cause the gold banks to pay whatever price to get it back. Not the case, they will try to cause the price to drop so they could buy it

  19. You obviously do not understand what gold and silver is. Indeed, gold and silver are useless in an economy where production of money keeps pace with production of goods. As long as this ratio stays 1:1 than you have a sound economy, even with fiat. But, we are way past that point. Which means now, the only way to protect yourself is by holding something real and tangible. Holding gold and silver is a hedge and has no counterparty. Everyone should hold at least a little gold/silver.

  20. Awesome video i subscribed! id love for you to check out my videos i recently uploaded 900 grams of 10-22k gold video and i’m teaching people how to buy gold and stack silver come check it out! I own a pawn shop and I’m sharing my knowledge and input id love to hear your input!

  21. US Dollar is the most undervalued asset around. When they raise interest rates what do you think is going to happen to the price of Gold? Please dont make investment decisions on someone who is very biased, Ive read his book and he knows his stuff but so do I and I think the time to buy Gold was some time ago, Gold is a bubble – smart money leaves over valued markets (Gold) and buys undervalued assets (US Dollar) you wait and see what happens when they raise interest rates ;-)

  22. I think you should mention the interest rates in your next video, interest rates being as low as they are devalues the Dollar which pushes Gold up, when they raise the interest rates the dollar will strengthen against Gold and Gold will be alot lower than it is now. THE US DOLLAR IS THE MOST UNDERVALUED INVESTMENT AT THIS TIME and smart money is leaving Gold and buying US Dollar

  23. Checkout my channel please is appreciate it

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