Gold and Silver Manipulation Will End With A BANG!

Posted by on Sep 19, 2013 in Knowledge Center | 49 comments

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Gold and Silver Manipulation Will End With A BANG!

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  1. Im sorry,im on mobile and it doesnt show the links,i know,sucky LG phone thx for reply,God bless ur work…im freaking UP!

  2. The links to buy from authorized retailers is in the description box below.

  3. I like to buy from silver bullet silver sheild but cant purchase,it says it suspended…..hhmmmm

  4. @aussietuff it is happening right before our eyes. If fiat currency was so great; why can’t a dollar buy you the same now as 1850′s, 1950′s ? Because it is losing value. It costs less to produce goods now than in the past… shouldn’t goods be cheaper? Also, the global population has exploded in the last century… how long can the world sustain this? By rolling out more fiat currency? You are not understanding the basis for holding PM. Its not to get rich… It’s to preserve purchasing power.

  5. if you want to lose the purchasing power of your money, invest in precious metals. Forget the Doomsayers, when their predictions are proven wrong over time, there is always another conspiracy to justify it. Let them prepare their bunkers, crossing their fingers in hope of the explosion of fiat currency, it hasn’t happened in 300 years and won’t for another 300.

  6. Thx :) Some guys always have an angle.

  7. Snigger, “What browns bottom put out”

  8. Buy gold and Chinese Yuan (at any local bank you just have to order it) to protect your wealth. All the paper silver that was sold caused the price to go towards $50 in Aug. 2011. Not because people were buying physical silver. The majority was paper, and who the hell takes physical delivery of their silver from the Comex? They just take a check. So the inventories are hardly depleted. Gold however is getting depleted.

  9. In 1930 the silver to gold ratio averaged 82 to 1. In the recent crash of 09 the ratio averaged 66 to 1. Silver trades mostly as an industrial metal. Industry is down during a great depression or great recession. There is no shortage of above ground silver. When silver goes above $30 mining output doubles. There are strict limitations to the quantity of physical silver that is sold to the public. This is to prevent a modern day collective hunt brothers type scenario. I can go on about the cons..

  10. NO qe taper….markets to the moon. Dollar is getting rocked.

  11. This is the definition of manipulating the market

  12. You are a opratunist and a capatilist

  13. Marketing and the understanding of human psychology is huge they are going to keep doing this for as long as we consume it
    The problem is capatilism, with out the desire to consume currency would fade
    if you own silver and every one buys silver wich will raise demand then the price and then kill the dollar
    you have more silver wouldnt you have the power
    capatilism creats consumtionand then fear, sceptacism

  14. Precious metals trade is corrupt with no regulations
    think that maybe they are fixing the numbers
    I dont understand everything but I do undertsand this is all part of the system
    you are capitalizing on the fear of the uncertainties of the market by selling fear in the video that we all have consumed
    Emotions and state of minds consumed on youtube tv radio internet and these type of things are used to maniputing the market with fear
    expecially precious metals

  15. Never invest in something unless you have an exit strategy.
    Look up “Ultimate Exit Strategy” at the end of the Silver Bullet Silver Shield videos.


  17. I tend to agree with your remarks, but next time be more accurate.

  18. Physically hold PM , mre’s , bullets , non gmo seeds , fire wood , farm land , anything you need to survive one your own = the ultimate insurance policy . Buy now before your paper fiat currency buys little to nothing.

  19. Truth , just signed up . Love your info. Keep up the good work.

  20. I hope you be right, but keep in mind what took place with MF Global, and it seems that no one has taken the fall for that fiasco.

  21. Go look at what’s happening with the gold inventories in the comex. Once that physical gets depleted to a point the paper market that is used to manipulate prices will be no longer relevant. They will have to “default” and pay out with some sort of paper, either dollars or worse US treasuries. That day is coming. No doubt!!

  22. I would also like to point out that in the 1970 PM bull market gold fell from 200 to 100 dollars, and everyone was saying the same thing as you are now. Gold then continued to hit 850 (850%) from its lows in 1976. You can believe what is said here if you study the fundamentals of owning physical silver and gold. you to do that!!

  23. How else would the meek inherit the earth? :)

  24. Yeah, and we’ve fallen again within the last two years to about 1/2 of what Ag was. The thing is that the same ppl who control markets are still in charge, their capacity to do whatever they want still in place. This is a political issue not an economic one. And politically nothing has changed in the past five years. But we shall see….

  25. Great video Chris, sums up everything nicely in 7 mins! I’m also 100% in silver. Do you have intentions of selling when the 3rd phase of the bull market pops? Will you use gold/silver and gold/Dow ratios etc to sell? In all the videos I’ve seen you do I’ve never seen you say you will sell. I’m from the UK btw, was funny your description of old Gordon brown, guy is a donut!

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  37. Hey haunt been able to check out your vids for awhile but you guys still put out amazing content! As expected though, I’ll try to tune in more often. Keep it up!

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